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Posture and health, a fine balance Zbigniew KULIBERDA, Edmond LEBORGNE, Cécile VANDAME

Publication of the 11th May 2020

This article is intended for all public health actors involved in the management of disorders affecting the musculoskeletal system.
Whatever the reader’s specialist interest, from biomechanics to neuroscience, energetics to macrobiotics or ergology to ergonomics, this presentation aims to inform open and curious minds, minds that will advance knowledge on the functional capacity of the human being by challenging their own experiences.
Optical imaging is able to accurately reproduce the physiological functioning of the musculoskeletal system in upright standing position. It is therefore a useful tool for research and functional study. The latter specifically leading to the implementation of relevant care strategies. This article looks at video rasterstereography. This
non-invasive, non-operator dependent optical imaging procedure guarantees reliable and reproducible results in accordance with the most stringent safety and objectivity criteria.

The temptation to classify remains at the core of our modern health system, but we must remember that there will always be cases that do not fit into any of these classifications. In the context of functional medicine, this temptation is currently a wasted effort. Many authors have proposed strategies that ultimately fail to satisfy the spirit of the healthcare system as every case is unique.
There is, however, a feature that is common to all individuals presenting with posturo-functional impairment: pain.